Wild Sound birthday party gig

It was a real pleasure to play at The Green Note on Monday 30 October to celebrate five years since I set up the label Wild Sound, which has grown to support ten artists since 2012, and its recent move to be part of One Little Indian.

The night opened with a short set from Wide Skies, a band Polly loves, who played as ‘friends of the label’.

Then Dan Wilde played a set, accompanied by John Parker on double bass. He played songs from his 2016 album Rhythm on the City Wall as well as some new tunes.

Stylusboy played next, with songs from his album Hospitality for Hope and new tracks too.

And then I was up, playing with Rastko and John with a bunch of songs from my first, second and third albums, and one or two new ones proposed for the fourth. What a night! So great to see some old fans and new ones in the audience. We ended with a massive sing-along to Leonard Cohen’s So Long Marianne, and a pledge to see everyone again next year!