‘Matreon’ – gig 8 March w/ Kathryn Williams, Michele Stodart and Astrid Williamson

Big announcement! Kathryn Williams, Michele Stodart, Astrid Williamson and I are joining forces to put on an unforgettable songwriter-in-the-round online show!

I can’t wait to share a night with three of my favourite women singer-songwriters – all of us Patreon creators – to celebrate International Women’s Day on Monday 8 March 2021, at 8pmWe’re calling it “Matreon” –  see what we did there?!

This show will be for all of our combined Patreon patrons, so by supporting just one of us (or more if you want!) you secure your front-row seat. Hope to see you there…

My Patreon: patreon.com/pollypaulusma
Astrid’s Patreon: patreon.com/astridwilliamson
Michele’s Patreon: patreon.com/michelestodart
Kath’s Patreon: patreon.com/kathrynwilliams

New single ‘Jack Munro’ released today!

Here’s my new single, ‘Jack Munro’, taken from my forthcoming album ‘Invisible Music: folk songs that influenced Angela Carter’.


You can listen now to the single here: https://pollypaulusma.lnk.to/jackmunro

You can pre-order the album Invisible Music here: https://pollypaulusma.lnk.to/IMpresave

Video/Animation by George K. Web: https://georgek.me/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/georgek.me/

Online gig tonight! 8pm GMT

Join me online tonight for a show hosted by Live to your Living Room.  I’ll be playing two 45-minute sets and the whole thing is being mixed remotely by a sound engineer. It sounds like about as close to a proper gig as it’s going to get right now. WOW! Just doing my set list and it’s coming together nicely. Can’t wait to play for you. Order a Deliveroo and join me.

Tickets and details here:


Invisible Music: folk songs that influenced Angela Carter

My new album ‘Invisible Music: folk songs that influenced Angela Carter’ is out in April. The CD copies have just arrived in the office – OLI generously indulged my artwork desires, so the CD is actually really a little book, full of my musings, folk song words, pictures by Christine Molan, and extracts from Carter’s prose.

Watch my little mini film about it here:


Preorders available very soon!

New Year, new album: ‘Invisible Music’

Happy New Year… the world may be going to shit, but I’m finding joy in little things. Allow me to share some.

New album: ‘Invisible Music: folk songs that influenced Angela Carter’

In April, I am releasing my eighth album, ‘Invisible Music: folk songs that influenced Angela Carter’, which is a mixture of traditional folk songs and spoken word, and which explores via proximity ways in which the novelist Angela Carter was influenced by singing traditional folk songs in the 1960s.

These songs are bizarre, grotesque, bloody, and beautiful, sometimes conventionally, and sometimes in the way a gnarled bit of wood can be.

I intersperse songs with readings (by myself, Kathryn Williams and Kirsty Logan) to show the relationship.

This album is the sonic accompaniment to my recently-completed PhD thesis of the same title, a deep-dive research project into the many ways I believe being a singer, and having the muscle memory of singing, influenced Carter’s imagination and language style.

Mailing list

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Live shows

To mark the album’s release on Friday 23 April, I’m doing some shows, mostly online for now – but with one significant live exception at Cecil Sharp House on Thur 22 April. Here’s a list of all my forthcoming shows.

More for patrons

I’ll be doing lots more for my Patreon patrons — weekly vlogs, music premieres, early bird ticket chances and behind the scenes snippets… .

Patreon involvement starts from a very modest £4/month; on higher tiers I offer house concerts and songwriting tuition as part of membership.

Explore it if you haven’t already at patreon.com/pollypaulusma

Stay well, keep safe.

Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to wish you all a very happy Christmas, calm, peaceful, loving. whether you are on your own or covered in people, or somewhere in between, just listen to as much music as you can, and know that music is one way we are always together. I will be doing that. Having a jazz period, so I’m going to be listening to a whole load of John Coltrane. Love and swing to you, Pol xx

New academic paper published

I have had my first academic article published, by those kind people at English: The Journal of the English Association.

The title of the essay is ‘”Me and Not-Me”: folk songs, narrative perspectives, and the gender imaginary in Angela Carter’s Shadow Dance‘, and in it I suggest that Carter observed ways in which folk singers don’t care if the persona of the song they are singing matches their gender, and how she learned a gender blindness from her participation in the folk movement which she came to express in her debut novel Shadow Dance.

If you’re interested, you can read more here.