Slow album “Pivot” – a song a month

How to join in:

  • Log yourself into Paypal
  • Send a one-off payment of GBP£10 (or more if you feel like it) to me at
  • Tell me your preferred email address
  • You will then receive a new song a month until December 2020, which you can download in the format of your choice. (And I’ll catch you up.)

What it’s all about:

I’m releasing a song a month across a two-year period, which started in January 2019. It’s not too late to join the club. The project is called “Pivot”.

These songs, which variously examine our daily pivoting roles as child, parent, lover, friend, grandchild, grandparent, and everything in between – are the product of the last five years and contain songs I’ve cowritten with Kathryn Williams, Tom McRae, Astrid Williamson, Danny Wilson, David Ford, Martin Carr, Laura Jessica Barnett and Mark Davies Markham. They will not be made publicly available until 2021. The only way you can hear them before then is to be a subscriber.

All it takes to become a subscriber is to send in your one-off contribution of £10 (or more if you wish) via PayPal to me at, and to provide me with your preferred email address. You can even gift this to someone else.

I’ll send you any songs you’ve missed right away to catch you up with the project. And then, once a month, you’ll receive a new email from me with a unique download code for a new song. You can choose to download the song from a selection of formats, from WAV (if disk space is no issue) to MP3 (if you need something a little smaller).

You can read more about the inception of this project as a Kickstarter here:…/pivot-an-album-of-songs-emerg…

I hope you’ll want to join this very special club of music lovers as we revel in this musical experiment: the slow album.

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