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What is Patreon?

Patreon is an online platform which enables fans to offer continued support to their favourite artists and creators in the form of a monthly contribution, in return for content not available anywhere else. If enough people put a few pennies or cents in the hat each month, so the thinking goes, fans’ collective power enables artists like me to work.

Since January 2020, I have been posting a weekly video diary and live streaming a gig monthly — exclusively for patrons, all archived on my Patreon page and there to watch again. This is content not available anywhere else. I  also offer personalised thank you videos, head starts on tickets, VIP treatment at gigs, even songwriting guidance — exclusively for members of this community.

In April 2020 I have been performing a gig a night live from my shed, moving a timezone each day to create a ‘world tour’. The shows have been available for the public at the moment of performance, but only Patreon patrons can watch them again.

How do I become a patron?

Visit my Patreon page (, and click the orange button ‘Become a patron’ to sign up.  You can choose which tier you want to participate in — from $5 ‘All Access’ for weekly video diaries charting my creative life, monthly live streaming gigs from my shed, and, if you’re not already subscribed, a new song a month as part of the ‘Pivot’ slow album project — up to $100/month which gains you access to my Song Clinic, where I’ll give you feedback and guidance on a song a month