New single ‘Luminary’ out today!

My new single ‘Luminary’ is out today! 🎉🎉🎉

This is the last of three singles before the big moment on 30 September when the full album ‘The Pivot On Which the World Turns’ is released.

‘Pivot’ has been a decade in the making. I figured out that the only reason I make music is to be with you. I want to be with you in some small way at important times in your life, and to be able to give you a hug in those moments, the way songs have given me hugs at vital moments.

Example – ‘Stairway to Heaven’ playing from an upper window made possible my first kiss on a wall in Avignon (1990).

Example – Joni’s album ‘Blue’ translated for me the barbaric language of romantic pain into something more constructive (1997).

Example – ‘Blackbird’ continually makes tangible for me the evanescent beauty of life the way Keats’ poetry does (1980-2022).

I aspire to be there for you like that. I want to light up your life. I’m not saying I’ve succeeded yet; but I’m always trying, and it’s all that drives me.

I hope you enjoy this song!

Cambridge Folk Festival: 5 Aug 2018

I have just been asked to play a set at the Cambridge Folk Festival. Last time I was there was 2012 (see photo) — now I’m working on a trad folk album it seems like the perfect place to be playing this summer. I’ll be in the Club Tent for a 20 minute set at 1.50pm on  Sunday, 5 August. For tickets and more information click here.