New single ‘Luminary’ out today!

My new single ‘Luminary’ is out today! 🎉🎉🎉

This is the last of three singles before the big moment on 30 September when the full album ‘The Pivot On Which the World Turns’ is released.

‘Pivot’ has been a decade in the making. I figured out that the only reason I make music is to be with you. I want to be with you in some small way at important times in your life, and to be able to give you a hug in those moments, the way songs have given me hugs at vital moments.

Example – ‘Stairway to Heaven’ playing from an upper window made possible my first kiss on a wall in Avignon (1990).

Example – Joni’s album ‘Blue’ translated for me the barbaric language of romantic pain into something more constructive (1997).

Example – ‘Blackbird’ continually makes tangible for me the evanescent beauty of life the way Keats’ poetry does (1980-2022).

I aspire to be there for you like that. I want to light up your life. I’m not saying I’ve succeeded yet; but I’m always trying, and it’s all that drives me.

I hope you enjoy this song!

Autumn tour new dates announced

I’ll be on UK tour this autumn and I can’t wait to play for you.

Starting tomorrow, each day I’ll post across my social media platforms about a different show. On Facebook and Instagram I’ll have a bit more space to talk about the town I’m visiting and what might make each show special.

Another thing – I’ll be dressing up a bit on stage; each song from the new album ‘The Pivot On Which The World Turns’ represents a different role I (we all) play, so I’ll be indulging in some sparkles, some feather boas, possibly a pair of wellies. I would be thrilled if you might use it as an excuse to dress up. Best dressed person gets a free CD!

“A person using words only is never with things in this sense: he remains at a distance from them; they remain for him ‘the other’, that which he is not, ‘outside’ him. By contrast, if his words are not merely spoken but sung, they build a living bridge that links him with the things referred to by the words, that transmutes distinction and separation into togetherness. By means of the tones, the speaker goes out to the things, brings the things from outside within himself, so that they are no longer ’the other’, something alien that he is not, but the other and his own in one. […] Only then can the tones fulfil their purpose: remove the barrier between person and thing, and clear the way for what might be called the singer’s inner partition in that of which he sings — for an active sharing, an experience of a special kind, a spiritual experience.”
— Victor Zuckerkandl, ‘The Meaning of Song’

Victor Zuckerkandl, ‘The Meaning of Song’

Please come, get tickets, spread the word, bring your mates, bring your nan, bring anyone you have even vaguely once met, and let’s share this amazing experience of live music together.

Click ‘live’ to see all the listings.

New single ‘Snakeskin’ out today!

The second single to be taken from my forthcoming album ‘The Pivot On Which The World Turns’ is ‘Snakeskin’ and it’s out today.

This is the first song on the album and began to grow in my head in the moments after my father died. It’s the song that depicts my role as ‘daughter’; I pivot through all the other roles I might play in a given day as the album progresses but this is the opening.

I filmed the video for ‘Snakeskin’ alone at my dad’s graveside one very cold but sunny day in January. You can watch it here:

You can listen/buy/enjoy the song here:

I recorded the song with John Parker live at Three Circles Studio; I think this was our second take. And now it comes with love from me to you. X